Striving to see a better South Sudan!

Supporting the people of SOUTH SUDAN

Reaching out to the Minority and Disadvantaged Groups
Through Positive Change Programs!


Eradicating people's poverty!

Protecting people's human rights!

Enhancing people's health!

Striving for food security and literacy!

Uplifting the people!

Justice and Democracy

Good Gorvernance and Human Rights!

Development Conscious!

Caring for Women and Children!

On Our Values:

We advocate for justice and the rule of law

We embrace neutrality

Integrity and commitment.

Food Security

Our ultimate goal is effective and workable policies designed to build strong agricultural developments in South Sudan and to bring sufficient nutritional food within the reach of all.

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OPRD approach of people's health development is that concerted action to tackle preventable diseases, universal access to health care, good water and sanitation, and comprehensive treatment.

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Our expertise in reaching remote and excluded communities made expanding into South Sudan a logical extension to our work. We partner with like minded organizations to support schooling.

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Access to Justice

OPRD is supporting implementation of the Regional Legal systems which provides for structures giving legal assistance in South Sudan.

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Latest from OPRD

Our projects

We take on projects with the intention of finding smart, new solutions to problems [...]

OPRD Success stories

Find out how South Sudan people spend their daily lives in our success stories [...]


Past and present activities geared towards achieving our program goals [...]

A Word from the CEO

It’s with great pleasure that I welcome you to OPRD’S website. Our goal is to provide life-saving assistance and ...

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We endeavour to relieve the suffering of individuals, being guided solely by their needs, rather than by their opinions or class.

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OPRD is actively advocating and routinely engaging with individuals to ensure a corruption free environment.

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We promote integrity by developing and maintaining a culture or environment that supports ethical conduct.

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We act as an advocacy organisation dedicated to campaigning for human rights and social justice across South Sudan.

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OPRD Goals


OPRD strives to ultimately see a stable and economical strong South Sudanese community living in harmony and people respect the ideals of peace, good governance, rule of law, human rights and sustainable resource management.


Improved and sustaining livelihood of vulnerable communities in South Sudan through environmentally sound interventions while focusing on equity, good governance, justice, democracy and human rights.


  • Neutrality
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Integrity and commitment
  • Advocacy,Justice and Rule of law