The enumeration was successfully completed in both Nakabangole and Lopua as well as the rest of the
FDPS.After the registration in above newly created FDS, the community was impressed as they were
made independent in their bomas. The beneficiaries of Lopua were happy because the creation of the
FDP in their boma has helped to reduced distance they use to cover as they were receiving food from
NARUS BOMA during the las few years. The communities from these two bomas were thankful to WFP
and OPRD for the consideration taken. several traditional songs were sung to show signs of happiness.

Meet Marino Lokuwa lopua’s chief addressing his people.
Meet Marino Lokuwa lopua’s chief addressing his people.

During beneficiary verification in Nakabongole, one of the community members by the name LOKAI said
he is really happy for WFP and OPRD for the step taken, and although he was not registered, he was
impressed for the rest of the community members who were registered through a transparent
procedure. One of the beneficiaries from Narus boma said she is grateful for WFP and OPRD for creating
an fdp in lopua because this has helped to reduced population of beneficiaries that used to over crowd
in Narus BOMA during distribution. During pre-targeting meetings in Nakabangole, the community
welcome the enumerators and they agreed to identify the most affected people within the community
as the program me targets.