Challenges Women, Youth and Children faces during these times of Covid19.

Women, Youth and Children

Statistically, women, youth and children are more in population than men in South Sudan. Besides, women and children are the most vulnerable in the Country. Therefore, based on our Vision and Mission, OPRD will facilitate empowerment of children, young people and women in a non-violent means. In this respect, OPRD will take keen interest in affirmative action as a measure to actually realize the empowerment stated herein.

Sex and gender decide our fate more than some like to admit. Men and money make the world go ‘round, after all, and grown men are mostly responsible for society’s most critical decisions surrounding war and peace. Children don’t vote, and women often don’t have a voice.

Considering women raped in South Sudan and who are continuously face the ogre; tortured, kidnapped and killed by warring groups of fighters not long ago. Or the countless kids who were maimed in 2013 and 2016 attacks and left orphans on the field of battle. Or all the non-combatants terrorized in the savage streets. Women and children are the ones whom we see the least and who reflect war’s inhumanity the most.

These particular groups are traumatized and are suffering. There is need for recovery process, even the child soldiers. The families left behind after cattle raids, rapes call it. Requires a holistic kind of resilience and recovery.

In light with this. OPRD has put forth a proposal seeking donation to fight GBV, PSEA, and SGBV to help recover lost souls in the post war world of wonders. Our project is projected to run for 3 years.

For any enquiries on the budget allocation and focus, contact us.

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