The organization, since its inception in 2010, has secured a funding from Donors and Well Wishers in provisions of its services to humanity through people-oriented projects and initiatives in areas of Education,Food Security,Social empowerment and Environmental conservation. 

The organization has continued to explore and pursue more sources of funding that could help produce significant results in terms of changing the lives of the locals. It is important to note that the Republic of South Sudan, which became the youngest nation in the continent of Africa after acquiring her independence in 2011, the people in that young nation continue to face deteriorating humanitarian conditions which is worsened by endemic violence, conflict, access constraints and operational interference, public health challenges such as direct and indirect effects of COVID-19 and climatic shocks resulting in the dual phenomena of extraordinary flooding and localized drought, which have a severe impact on people’s livelihoods, hampers access to education and water, sanitation and hygiene and health services.